FGDP(UK) calls for sugar tax on milkshakes

The FGDP says high sugar milk-based drinks should not be exempt from the government’s planned sugar tax. Responding to a Treasury consultation on the tax’s implementation, the FGDP(UK) argues that despite the nutritional benefits of milk, the large amount of added sugar in flavoured milk drinks means they are “likely to carry far greater disbenefits than benefits to children’s health”.

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Complete Composites with Prof Brian Millar 24.9.16

The renowned Professor Brian Millar from King College London who led a successful composite study day for the FGDP WM last year returned to provide an update on new technologies and techniques available to GDPs in composite dentistry; materials were kindly provided by Coltene/Whaledent.

The AM session - introduced by Dr Kaushisk Paul – consisted of a series of talks by Prof Millar on: anterior composite theory, cavity design and preparation, bonding techniques (total etch vs self etch techniques) and minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. The diagnosis of bruxism and the differences between the use of protective vs therapeutic splints in the management of the condition. After the tea break Prof Millar outlined using various previously treated cases, the different phases in the management of toothwear patients including digital smile design and provisionalisation, “snap-on-teeth” and their use, as well as effective and predictable shade matching, tooth anatomy/surface anatomy/micro anatomy. The mornings hands-on session involved the placement of direct composite veneers on anterior teeth using Coltenes BRILLIANT EverGlow system.

After lunch the PM session covered topics including: the use of Componeers, minimal intervention restorations, and techniques on the placement of deep class 1 and 2 composites. Candidates had the ability to try out the Garrison 3D sectional matrix system for the class 2 restoration and Fill-Up dual cure composite as the restorative material.

This was an intensive study day and extremely popular with our candidates. It allowed delegates the ability to try out new restorative materials, bonding agents, and composite placement techniques.

Following the success of today’s study day, we are also organising another composite training study day and hopefully a tooth wax up course to help dentists better understand anterior and posterior tooth anatomy.

We would like to thank Prof Millar for the fantastic study day, and Coltene for providing the materials

New NHS dental charges coming into effect April 2016 and April 2017

On 11th March 2016 new regulations (HCWS606) have been brought before Parliament by The Rt Hon Alistair Burt (Minister of State for Community and Social Care) in order to increase the fees paid by patients for NHS dental care.

This had come about as a result of the Spending Review in 2015 which highlighted areas where efficiency savings could be made and where investment should be made within the NHS. The Government’s commitment to support the Five Year Forward view meant that £10 billion would be invested by 2020-21 BUT conversely current NHS resources should be used as efficiently as possible leading to efficiency savings.

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FGDPwm MJDF Part 1 Revision Session

oday, 12th March 2016, delegates were treated to a challenging full day session for revision of the MJDF Part 1 examination.

The day was split into morning and afternoon sessions, together with complimentary lunch. In the morning session this consisted of lectures followed by worked examples of Multiple Choice (MCQs) and Extended Matching Set Questions (EMQs), and the afternoon session consisted of further lectures and worked questions.

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George Osborne’s Budget 2016: The Sugar Tax

On 16th March 2016 the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP unveiled his Budget for 2016. In this statement Mr Osborne outlined his vision for the British economy over the next 12 months with wider implications affecting the whole country after 2017.

Amongst the 62 minute outline of the entire budget, the flagship measures by Mr Osborne are as follows:

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Kiri-Gabriella Anderson - Russell’s Hall Scheme John Gilmore Prize Winner 2015

Hi I’m Kiri Anderson, earlier this year I completed my foundation year with the West Midlands Russell’s Hall scheme, working at Catshill Dental Practice in Bromsgrove with my trainer Dr Roger Hawken. This was a fantastic year and I was proud to gain the John Gilmore Prize for Excellence in Dentistry for my scheme, as well as first prize in my scheme and overall third place winner in the West Midlands schemes for my audit - “An Audit to Assess the Percentage of Children and Adolescents at Catshill Dental Practice Receiving Periodontal Screening which is Recorded in their Clinical Notes”. Dr Sukhvinder Atthi has kindly asked me to say a few words about myself and my audit.

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Happy New Year FGDP(WM) members!

2015 was another packed year for FGDP(WM) starting with the Divisional Directors conference in January. This was a great opportunity for me to meet other Divisions and touch base with the Dean and Faculty staff. Next up the Dentistry Show, where we helped out on the Faculty stand and met some of our members.

Throughout the year we have...

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