The MJDF Part 2 examination is changing and a new opportunity to sit the Part 2 examination will occur in February.


The MJDF exam has evolved over time in order to ensure that the examination continues to meet the needs of the profession. The latest phase in the exam's evolution comes with the introduction of a revised Part 2 examination from February 2015. More details will be available shortly on the national MJDF website.

As per the information available on the national website, the revised structure sees the entire examination run over a single circuit. The single circuit is designed to assess the same skills as the existing MJDF Part 2, and against the same standard, but more efficiently. The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and the Faculty of Dental Surgery (RCS Eng) believe that the new Part 2 examination will present candidates with a much-improved experience, while still ensuring that the appropriate skills and knowledge are tested.

In practice this means that the examination will last for around three hours, with candidates attending either a morning or afternoon session. By contrast the old Part 2 examination had two separate circuits (one OSCE and one SCR) and often took up a full day of candidates' time.

The February Part 2 examination will be held at The Royal College of Surgeons of England in London, on 2nd/3rd February 2015. A Part 2 examination will also be held in Leeds in May 2015 

The FGDPwm MJDF teaching team has kept abreast with these changes and will be incorporating the changes in their upcoming training programs.

The next part 2 day will be in Jan 2015. Please get in touch if you would like to register onto the course.