White, Whiter, Whitest! with Dr. Linda Greenwall


Testimonial by Dr Rajveer Athwal after attending the White, Whiter, Whitest whitening course hosted by the FGDP west midlands.

So l hear you say…”Tooth whitening!! What do l need to learn….l’ve been doing this for years…”

That’s probably what l thought as l booked on the Linda Greenwall Tooth Whitening study day hosted by the FGDP West Midlands Division on the 3rd February. However, l decided to attend out of curiosity.

Tooth whitening has been a common procedure adopted by a large number of the professional dental community for numerous years. Many of us have probably undertaken over a hundred cases over the course of our careers to date. What rings true probably for most of us is the patient who returns not quite as happy as we would have hoped with their final whitening result. Or the patient that has suddenly developed sensitivity to the level they feel they can no longer continue with whitening. What do you do for the child who’s getting bullied at school for the fluorosis marks on their upper front teeth?

The day not only answered these questions but much more. Linda’s presentation style is relaxed and warm…the questions from the audience flowed as case after case Linda demonstrated the importance of having protocols to help produce consistent results. On a personal level, she really helped me understand the management of patient sensitivity related to whitening and how to deal with those patients that suffer pre-whitening sensitivity. There was an update on more innovative techniques to help with more localized areas of discolouration using ICON and microabrasion. The demonstrations helped demystify the use of these materials and it is clear to see how they would be a great addition to our practice armamentarium.

Following the course, which was simply brilliant, the team at my practice have now produced our own protocols and modified our patient information to be more in line with the ideas learnt from Linda’s course.

I would hope this course would be run again in the near future to allow those that missed the opportunity this time around to hear Linda speak and feel more confident in undertaking predictable whitening procedures to help achieve the results their patients will love.

Dr Kully Shoker